Effective January 1, 2017, all Plats filed in Georgia must be filed electronically (OCGA 15-6-67). In order to efile Plat documents in Georgia you must register online. Any questions should be addressed to the GSCCCA ( at (800) 304-5174.



All Deeds transferring property require a PT-61 form and a payment of transfer tax at the time of recording, unless otherwise exempt. PT-61 forms are available only at GSCCCA Forms ( The form must be completed online, printed and submitted with the deed at the time of recording. Any Corrective Deed transferring property is exempt from having a PT-61 form.



Security Deeds must be filed within 90 days from the date of execution to avoid penalty and late fees accruing on the intangible tax. If the Security Deed is for less than three years, intangible taxes are not owed.



We recognize that the courthouse can be strange, confusing and sometimes an intimidating place for much of our population. The clerk and deputy clerks have a strong desire to help all parties who ask for assistance. But please be aware that the clerk and deputy clerks are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to practice law or give legal advice - Georgia code 15-19-51(A)(4). Sound legal advice should only come from a licensed practicing attorney and we highly recommend all parties seek competent legal services. Please be understanding when we say that we cannot answer your questions.

We are here to serve you to the best of our abilities.



This office is charged with the duty of keeping and maintaining all records for the Superior Court. Our mission is to provide efficient and professional service to the citizens of Randolph County. We will protect and maintain the public's records with the utmost integrity and accuracy. We will provide said records to the court, members of the law enforcement community, and the public that we serve.