County Manager

The county manager, appointed by the board of commissioners as the chief administrative officer of the county, implements the directives, resolutions, ordinances, and policies of the County Board of Commissioners.

County managers run the county operations efficiently, ensure counties provide quality services to their residents and keep counties resilient in the face of unexpected changes. The county manager performs these responsibilities with the assistance of the various department heads and administrative personnel employed by the county.

The county manager is chosen by the board on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications, based on actual experience in or knowledge of accepted practices with respect to the duties of the office. These duties include:

  • To ensure that the County Commission's policies are carried out
  • Assist in developing those policies and other goals
  • Provide administrative leadership to the departments of the county government
  • Develop and present an annual budget
  • Strive for efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in the delivery and funding of services
  • Serve as a liaison between the commissioners and other elected officials