Health Care

The health care needs of Randolph County are well served by Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center (Patterson Hospital), a county-owned 25-bed critical access hospital in Cuthbert. With oversight by the Randolph County Hospital Authority, SGRMC is managed by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Frederic Patterson established the first hospital in this section of Georgia in January 1916 with an operating room and four beds for inpatients. The present hospital building opened on July 1, 1947.

Offering safe and reliable care, Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center is ideal for patients needing long-term intravenous therapy, extensive wound care, or continued recuperative assistance following orthopedic or other surgery. In 1999, Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center was the first hospital in Georgia to receive critical access designation, ensuring vital services are available locally for residents of Randolph County.

Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center combines the innovations of a progressive health care system with personalized care in a hometown setting. Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center offers:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Center
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Joe-Anne Burgin Nursing Home
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respiratory Services
  • Senior Care
  • Surgical Services
  • Swing Bed Services

24-Hour Emergency Department offers a physician and clinical staff providing around-the-clock care. Recently renovated, the facility includes a trauma room and three treatment rooms and can treat patients with minor illnesses to those requiring stabilization, as well as the transfer of the critically ill.

Diagnostic Services (Radiology) provides a wide variety of services including routine x-rays, mammography, CT scans, MRI and ultrasound. Cardiac studies are provided on site by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital one day a week and EEGs are provided as needed.

Joe-Anne Burgin Nursing Home is a full service nursing home facility with 80 beds and certified staff providing 24-hour intermediate or long term nursing care.

Laboratory Medicine includes a wide variety of blood and body fluid testing, blood transfusion services and corporate drug and alcohol screenings.

Rehabilitation Department includes services in physical occupational and speech therapy. Certified staff provides evaluations and intervention services to patients recovering from injuries, with motor impairments, wound care needs and communication and/or swallowing disorders.

Respiratory Services provides treatment for patients with bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia and heart conditions. Services include EKGs, aerosol treatments, Holter monitors and pulmonary function evaluations.

Senior Care helps seniors successfully cope with life's changes. Services include assistance for those struggling with unresolved grief, depression, anxiety, nervousness, anger and frustration. Ours is a voluntary outpatient mental health program providing individual, group and family therapy.

Surgical Services is equipped to provide inpatient and outpatient procedures. The facility includes an operating suite, endoscopy suite and a recovery room. Staff includes a board-certified surgeon, a certified nurse anesthetist and other clinical professionals.

Swing Bed Services are for those patients needing less acute care than a hospital patient, but who may need continued recuperation from illness, injury, or surgery. The ideal candidate for swing bed placement is someone who is post orthopedic surgery, requiring extensive wound care, long term intravenous therapy, or debilitated from an extensive acute care stay.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available seven days a week, with treatment plans developed and monitored for the patient’s changing needs. The facility’s physical therapy gym is designed to help patients meet functional goals. In addition, specialized bariatric equipment for physical and occupational therapy provides managed care for patients weighing more than 400 pounds.

Social and religious activities are offered in coordination with the Joanne Burgin Nursing Home.

For more information about Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center, call 229-732-2181.