The Randolph County Sheriff's Office is a professional, full-service Law Enforcement agency dedicated to serving the needs and protecting the lives of the residents of Randplph County.

The Office of the sheriff was established by the Georgia Constitution. There is one Sheriff for each county of the state. The office is filled by election every four years, making the sheriff directly accountable to the people of the county, independent of the county commission. Qualifications for the office are established by statute. The sheriff appoints deputies to assist him in carrying out the duties of the Office.

The Sheriff's Office is reponsible for protecting life and property, enforcing the laws of the State of Georgia, apprehending violators of the law, repressing crime, preserving social tranquility and safety, preventing civil disorder, providing service to the courts and providing humane safekeeping to all persons confined to the detention facility.

The office of Sheriff in Georgia existed in colonial times, and was included in the first official constitution of Georgia in 1777. There is no limit to how many terms a sheriff may serve.