Newcomer Information

We are happy you chose Randolph County as your new place of residence. You will find a welcoming community is ready to help you get acquainted.

Life, family, jobs -- all are important to the people of Randolph County. You've probably already learned life moves at a slower pace here and that's by design. We like to leave the hustle bustle and rush hour to our big city neighbors.

Important Information to Get You Started

Driver's License

If relocating from out of state, you must obtain a Georgia driver's license within 30 days after establishing residency here. An eye test and written test are required. Learn more

Auto Tags

If relocating from out of state, you must obtain a Georgia vehicle tag from the Randolph County Tax Commissioners office within 30 days of establishing residency. Auto registration, proof of insurance and title of lien holder must be presented. If relocating from another county in Georgia you must secure a Randolph County tag before May 1.

County Taxes

If you own and occupy your home you will receive your property tax bill on or about October 7 each year and payment is due December 20. Taxes not paid within 60 days of mailing become delinquent (usually on December 21). Delinquent taxes will incur a one percent late fee per month on any portion thereof and a 10 percent penalty after 90 days (usually March 21), figured on the balance along with a Fi. Fa. (tax lien) of $21.00 on taxes less than $100 and $31.00 on taxes $100 and over, and any administrative levy fees incurred will be charged.

Each homeowner of Randolph County who is a legal resident of Georgia is entitled to a homestead exemption on the property owned and occupied as a permanent residence on January 1 of the taxable year. The exemption is deducted from the assessed (40 percent) value of the property for County and school tax purposes, except bonded indebtedness. The State taxing authority also allows an exemption. The value of the property in excess of the exempted amount is subject to all taxes.

Applications for homestead exemption must be made between April 2 of the preceding year and April 1 of the year in which the exemption is sought. Once applied for and granted, the exemption shall automatically be renewed from year to year, as long as the applicant continuously occupies the residence as a homestead and the eligibility conditions still apply. However, a new homestead exemption application must be made if the taxpayer bought a new home, had any type of deed change during the year, or is eligible for a larger exemption.

State Taxes

Georgia taxes net individual income on a graduated scale, with employer's withholding tax as a payroll deduction. Georgia sales tax is 4 percent of the sale price on personal property.

Voter Registration

You must be registered 30 days prior to an election to vote in that election. Residents of Randolph County must be 18 years of age to vote.  Learn more

Electric Power

Power is provided by three utilities depending on where you live:

Telephone Service

Windstream - 229-995 5809 Visit Website

Natural Gas

South Georgia Natural Gas - 229-732-5550

School Registration

Children who are entering school for the first time or from out of state should bring a certificate of immunization and a certified copy of their birth certificate to register for school. Contact the Randolph County Board of Education at 229-732-3601. Visit Website


Randolph County is served by two weekly newspapers: The Cuthbert Southern Tribune - 229-732-6016 and The Citizen's Times - 229-732-2308
Eight radio stations reach into Randolph County - Get More Information
Cable service is available from Mediacom at 800-476-1163 Visit Website

Emergency Services Numbers

All emergencies dial 911
Sheriff's Office - 229-732-2525
Fire Department - 229-732-3423
Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center on Cuthbert - 229-732-2181

Taxi Service

Bailey's Transportation - 229-732-3503
Blakely Taxi Company - 229-723-8007

Local Climate

A moderate climate with seasonal changes is conducive to outdoor activity most of the year.  

  • Annual Normal Mean Temperature: 63.7
  • Average Annual Winter Temperature:51.8
  • Average Annual Summer Temperature: 75.6
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 51.84 inches